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Join KajonaBase and share your work with other Kajona users.
Download additional elements, modules and templates for your Kajona installation and extend the functionality either manually or install them directly by using the package-management integrated within Kajona v4.

As soon as you provide your content in the common Kajona package-format, it will be available to other users automatically. Use the KajonaBase to release and maintain your own packages.
Please note: KajonaBase will be shut down in the near future. KajonaBase was developed and maintained for Kajona V4. Starting from Kajona V5, the user based repository is integrated into


What is Kajona?

Kajona - Open Source Content Management Framework

Kajona is:

  • a web content management system (cms)
  • flexible and modular
  • easy to use

Kajona provides:

  • strict separation of content and layout
  • complete web-based administration
  • AJAX-support and drag n drop features

Kajona needs:

  • a webserver (Apache, IIS, ...)
  • PHP 5 (>= 5.3)
  • Database (e.g.MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MariaDB, Oracle)

more: Features | Roadmap | License | Team/Credits | Online Demo | Take part!

Latest Kajona code changes

Revision UPDATE: _buildfiles | conf.js > chrome add --no-sandbox argument
08/24/2016 17:38:10
Revision UPDATE: _buildfiles | stop_phpserver.php > fix output as array
08/24/2016 16:01:09
Revision UPDATE: _buildfiles | stop_phpserver.php > check whether process exis…
08/24/2016 15:54:55
Revision NEW: v4skin | kajona-overrides.less -> added a new data-table class "…
08/23/2016 17:32:34